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A 40-year secret comic book collection and a chance to rewrite his family story.

A 4-part Documentary Series from Adam Schomer and i2i Productions.

Set for Release in 2024

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The Story

There is a 40-year hidden family secret that only a few people knew about. Darren’s father had Asperger’s (ASD) and it led him to collect comic books in a genius yet obsessive way that overtook the home, destroyed the family, and caused everyone great mental trauma.

Now, after his father’s passing, Darren is left with a holy grail collection of over 300,000 comic books - including the prized possession of his father: Superman #1 (7.0) valued at over $3.5 million - making it one of the most valuable comic books of all time. Darren is faced with this final adventure of Selling Superman, of picking up the pieces of his childhood, rewriting a family legacy, and discovering the heroic power of choosing what we give meaning to. 

Family photos
“I think it’s an amazing story and I can’t wait for people to hear all about this… The stories always stay with the books, they know where it came from and the backstory.”

Matt Nelson

President CGC Comics 

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Adam Schomer is a conscious filmmaker, president of i2i Productions, and is known for going to extreme lengths to follow stories that empower us. 

Director & Producer

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