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Collectors Scholarship

Introducing the SELLING SUPERMAN "Collectors Scholarships" from the FANTAST Collection!

As passionate members of the comic community, we believe in giving back, fostering knowledge, providing opportunities, and sharing the joy of comic books with fellow enthusiasts like you! That's why, with each scholarship round, we select a deserving recipient who will receive a comic book from the prestigious FANTAST collection, accompanied by a 30-minute conversation with a comic and/or collecting expert.

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The July Scholarship Is Now Open

And with it, some HUGE NEWS! MATT NELSON, President of CGC, will give a 30-minute consultation to our Scholarship Recipient. And of course, the scholarship includes an amazing book from the Fantast Collection. 

Applications Closed Aug 6th
IMG_0106 Color Corrected by Adam.jpg

The Book

"Strange Tales" #169, 1973, CGC 9.0. First appearance of Brother Voodoo (Jericho Drumm). Valued at $925. 



A 30-minute private Zoom consultation with Matt Nelson. Matt is the President of CGC, the foremost comic book grading service. He is also the author of the incredible book and must-have resource “The Official CGC Guide to Grading Comics", released Nov 2022. 

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity
to be a part of our growing community!

Application Closed

Congrats to the May Scholarship Recipient!

SM Photo 087 b First Winner Jenni v1.1.jpeg

Jenni B.

Ontario, California

Jenni now owns the incredible Avengers #4 (Golden Reprint), graded 9.0 (Valued at $850), from the prestigious FANTAST Collection. Plus Jenni had a consultation with Adam Kellert, FANTAST'S in-house collector expert.

Adam is a member of 200+ comic book groups and has been collecting since age 5. As an advisor he specializes in Golden Age comics from the 40’s and 50’s.

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